“Working with Janice in Borrowed Time was my first encounter with her intelligent and delightful crafting of words. Her lyrics are thoughtful and picturesque, lyrics that the mouth is proud to pronounce, lyrics with deep insights that I never tire of singing to inspire my audiences. I am very happy Janice is releasing her CD where more of her treasure of lyrics will be heard!” Leila Thigpen, Vienna, Austria, Former member Borrowed Time

Blue Nights & Sunshower,” Janice Jarrett’s CD release, features three of Kenny Barron‘s compositions, “Sunshower.” “Dolores St., S.F.,” and “Belem,” and four by George Cables, “Blue Nights,” “I Told You So,” “Love Song,” and “Think On Me.” (See the Shop for available charts.)

“On Blue Nights & Sunshower, Janice Jarrett offers deeply expressive, moving versions of superlative tunes mainly by piano giants George Cables and Kenny Barron, outfitting these ace vehicles with her lyrics and gracing them with vibrant, often delightfully-layered vocals. Great musical partners abound.  A winner.”  Zan Stewart

Many of the collaborations in this discography are, or will be, in the Shop. Titles and composers are listed with links to the current inventory on the Lead Sheets page.  The page, Arrangements, will have more charts added to the Shop soon.

To date, a distinguished group of jazz singers including Leila Thigpen, Jeri Brown, Anne Hampton Calloway, Jay Clayton, Wendy Fopeano, Jane Irving, Gretchen Parlato, Diane Schuur, Grady Tate,  Sunny Wilkinson,  and Sarah Elizabeth Charles has interpreted Jarrett’s lyrics on various releases and performances.

  • Kenny Barron included three of Jarrett’s lyrics for his compositions in “The Traveler,”  the contemplative ballad “Clouds,” sung by Anne Hampton Calloway, the haunting Bossa “Phantoms” by Gretchen Parlato. The intimate “Um Beijo” comes to life with the voice of Grady Tate.
  • Brooklyn 2000: Jay Clayton, a much-respected jazz vocal interpreter/clinician recorded “I Told You So” (Jarrett/George Cables) in her CD  with Cables at the keyboards.
  • Beams: Jane Irving included a version of “Sunshower” (Jarrett/Barron) on her CD
  • Raindrops on the Roses: Wendy Fopeano includes a live performance of “Sunshower” on this release.  
  • Morris and Unity: Jay Clayton was the first to record “Sunshower” on this LP .
  • Unfolding the Peacock: Jeri Brown sang a meaningful rendering of “Jean,” a Jarrett/Eddie Russ collaboration on her CD .
  • Zaius: The title song of another Jeri Brown release, was also by Jarrett and Russ.
  • Pilot of My Destiny: Diane Schuur recorded “Zaius” on one of her earliest releases.
  • Take A Look At Yourself:  Eddie Russ and Jarrett’s “Feeling Fine” appeared on this LP  
  • Swept Away:  Composer/Pianist Sherry Lenz requested lyrics from Jarrett for her samba, “Infinidad.”
  • Sunny Wilkinson sang “You Could Have Told Me,” with words by Jarrett and music by Judd Miller on an early California release of hers.
    Leila Thigpen and Sunny Wilkinson, along with Jarrett, Bob Joyce and Rocky Davis sang together for over a decade in the LA group, Borrowed Time, whose repertoire was primarily comprised of Jarrett’s lyrics and vocal arrangements.