Supportive Atmosphere

There’s something soul-baring about singing. Janice is an expert teacher in voice training and technique, but she stands apart because of her warmth and empathy, and the supportive environment she creates for her students, particularly new singers or those with a more fragile confidence in their ability. If you’re going to bare your soul, she’s exactly the teacher you want guiding you.
Kelly M.

Helped My Voice Improve

Dr. Jarrett has helped my voice improve in such a short amount of time. She has taught me to use proper technique, and now my throat doesn’t hurt after singing multiple songs. I am so excited to continue learning from her.  Viviana C.

Vocalists of Any Genre

Dr. Jarrett keeps the well-being of the singer’s voice in mind throughout instruction. Her expert training with one of the world’s leading vocal coaches makes her one of the best vocal teachers in the Southwest. She can work with vocalists of any genre because she helps her students develop and improve the core vocal techniques that allow for a long life in song. Jonel Lauver

Useful Tools

I just went back and listened to some of our lessons and wanted to thank you for giving me such useful tools for improving/expanding my voice. It eases so much of my anxiety and makes me feel more full and confident in my body. Clay

You Are Inspiring

We feel so blessed and honored that you shared your talent and time with Eva. You’re an amazing instructor and your love for music and children is inspiring.  Nicole B.

Excellent Vocal Coach

Janice Jarrett was an excellent voice coach. In pursuing my career as a sports broadcaster and journalist, I needed someone to help me train my voice to be more professional and fluid. Jarrett did that by using singing to train my vocal chords and helping me understand my pitch and tone. Additionally, she patiently took the time to listen to me read articles so that she could correct not only the way I was delivering the piece but also the way I was pronouncing words due to my Chicago accent. She helped me become aware of the accent and get rid of it (for the most part). I would highly recommend Jarrett. Her versatility helped me in more ways than one.
-Ashley Nevel, sports reporter

After Only A Few Lessons

Janice has a unique way of teaching her students to control their voice.  After only a few lessons I have improved my voice greatly I highly recommend her and the technique she uses.


David Anaise

Best Vocal Teacher I’ve Had

Dr. Jarrett is by far the best vocal instructor I’ve ever had! I’ve worked with many different instructors and teachers in my life, but Dr. Jarrett’s experience and knowledge is truly unparalleled. I’ve been singing my whole life and have never found someone I loved working with as much as her. Not only is she an incredible teacher, but she is also patient and kind, two things I’ve found many other vocal coaches lack. I thoroughly enjoyed being her student and hope to again take lessons from her, hopefully in the near future.

Olivia Jacob

Her Warmth and Empathy

There’s something soul-baring about singing. Janice is an expert teacher in voice training and technique, but she stands apart because of her warmth and empathy, and the supportive environment she creates for her students, particularly new singers or those with a more fragile confidence in their ability. If you’re going to bare your soul, she’s exactly the teacher you want guiding you.

Kelley Matthews

Confident in My Vocal Abilities

Janice is a patient and experienced vocal teacher who really knows how to get the best out of you. I came to Janice a year ago after having some vocal training, but I was still struggling to find my voice. I was given some systems and techniques before to use, but Janice really helped me to make sense of them. She taught me to sing properly without putting strain on my voice. I now feel more confident in my vocal abilities, it is easier to sing, and she definitely took me to the next level. I would highly recommend Janice Jarrett to anyone who wants to get the most out of their voice.

Adam Smith

One-of-a-Kind Experience for Students on Any Level

I began taking lessons from Janice Jarrett not knowing much about vocal performance or vocal care. In a short amount of time, not only was I more knowledgeable of music theory, vocal maintenance, and practice, but I also got to know myself a lot more as a performer and artist. Janice’s boundless musical experience as well as her compassionate understanding of her students as performers and individuals makes for a one-of-a-kind experience for students on any level.

Margaret Adams
Singer/Film Maker

Feeling Growth As A Vocalist

I recommend Janice Jarrett for lessons at any level. She deals with idiosyncrasies of the individual voice through physiological methods that really work. She’s all about freeing the natural voice, and I definitely feel growth as a vocalist since I became one of her students. Thanks for your great insights and listening skills, Janice.

Vince Hotz

Beyond What I Thought I Was Capable of

I chose Dr. Jarrett because she was a PhD and a musician, not a kid with a Mel Bay scale book. I was looking to correct a long-term pitch issue, and Janice taught me that my issue was breath control, not pitch control. We addressed that and much more! My lessons have gone so far beyond the pitch issue – performance mind-state, music theory and notation, clarity of artistic message, artist personal management, and most important – voice preservation and care. I am nearing 60 years old, and I can hear myself improving month-to-month. I have gone so far beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Matt Bruner

Teaching Is Truly Of The Highest Quality

I have been a student of Dr. Jarrett for four years, and I can assure you that Janice’s teaching is truly of the highest quality. Her vast experience and perceptive ability allows her to hone in on student’s vocal problems, no matter how subtle they are, and then correct them with little difficulty. Under her pedagogy I have achieved consistent vocal freedom and ease, as well as great increases in my voice’s range, resonance, warmth, and richness that I had not previously thought would be possible. In addition, I’ve found that my understanding of music – in terms of both reading music and musical phrasing – have vastly increased. Janice’s abilities for dramatic interpretation of music are equally impressive, following her advice has earned me high praises from some of New York’s most well-known casting directors and Broadway performers.

What is also greatly remarkable about Janice is her sensitivity towards her student’s needs on a personal level. She is among the kindest and most empathetic people I’ve ever met, and her many experiences as a person allow her to relate with and advise her students, no matter what they’re going through. Her wisdom and humor have turned many of my bad days into great days, and every time I walk into her studio it feels like I get to press the “reset” button on whatever life is throwing at me. No matter how hard we work, after each lesson I’m left feeling refreshed and invigorated.

My time with Janice has given me a great deal of confidence in my vocal ability. I’ve managed to impress almost every professional I’ve worked with, and I’ll soon be heading off to college to earn my BFA Musical Theatre degree from one of the nation’s top five music theatre programs (which I was accepted into with a talent scholarship). I owe so much of this success to my training with Janice. Although I’ll soon be moving across the country to pursue my dream, I know that in Janice I have found a friend and mentor for life. I’m sure that in your time with her, you will find the same.

Andrew Gleckler, BFA Musical Theatre
Elon University, N.C., class of 2017

Help With Winning Awards

It’s been a few years but I’d like to schedule vocal sessions again. This past year I won the 2015 Western Female Vocalist of the Year Award from the Academy of Western Artists! I have to give you major cred (and) I really am grateful because there was a noticeable improvement in my vocals once I started applying what you taught me. (Singer/Songwriter – See her blog on

Carol Markstrom

Improving The Core Vocal Technique

Dr. Jarrett keeps the well-being of the singer’s voice in mind throughout. Her expert training with one of the world’s leading vocal coaches makes her one of the best voice teachers in the Southwest. Because she helps her students develop and improve the core vocal techniques that allow for a long life in song, she can help vocalists of any genre.

Jonel Lauver, Former Director
Prime School of Music

Compliments On Singing Voice

Thank you for all you do for our children. The compliments I get on Christina’s voice are a testament to the wonderful work you do and dedication to your art.

2009 Note: Christina won leads in multiple youth musical theatre productions and in the citywide Summer on Stage!

Lorraine Kroell

Mother and Daughter

A 2013 update: My daughter has been a student with Dr. Jarrett since she was 11 years old and I am amazed every time I hear her sing. I know that without the proper vocal training from Dr. Jarrett, this growth would not have been possible. The basics are a key to sustainable voice, and she has provided my daughter with that and more. I am truly grateful; I never hesitate to recommend her.

And from Christina herself: I am very thankful I was referred to Dr. Jarrett’s studio when I was only 11. All I wanted to do was sing. Not only does she teach you the proper way to sing, she dissects songs with you to find the true meaning of the words you are singing. Six years later I am still a part of her studio and I have learned and grown so much as an artist, I know that the techniques I have learned by being one of her students are ones I will keep with me as I continue with my singing career. I am still learning new things each lesson.

Christina Kroell

Opening New Doors

The techniques I learned studying with Dr. Jarrett really opened up a new door in my musical life. For years I had been unknowingly damaging my voice. When I put her methods into practice I found I could create a fuller and more beautiful sound WITHOUT straining. Once you’ve experienced singing in this healthy, relaxed way you will ask yourself how you ever vocalized without it in the past! I will absolutely continue to use her methods in the future.

Mallory Klingerman

Brilliant At What She Does

I was Dr. Jarrett’s student for nearly five years, and learned so much! I improved my sight-singing, expanded my knowledge of music theory, and she introduced me to a ton of new repertoire from many different genres. Most importantly, she taught me proper vocal technique, which not only drastically improved my sound, but also prevented me from straining and damaging my voice. Dr. Jarrett is so brilliant at what she does, and so dedicated to her students. It was an absolute pleasure having her as a teacher.

Marion Cook

Has Not Been a Single Session When I Did Not Learn Something New

I have been a student of Dr. Jarrett for over two years, and there has not been a single session when I did not learn something new. Her teaching style is exceptional and her experience is evident in her ability to nurture her students and cater the sessions to each individual’s voice. I have achieved ease in my vocal range because of Dr. Jarrett’s techniques. She is a truly wonderful teacher.

Andrew Vo

Overcoming Fears

I can’t begin to tell you how much this experience has meant to me. To meet a “fear” and overcome it has been fantastic. The thought of singing in front of another person seemed impossible. I’ve learned so much in the short period of time that I’ve worked with you

Mitch B

Helped Me Find My Voice

I just wanted you to know how much my singing lessons with you have meant to me. I am singing up a storm now, still learning, but I’m finally able to express some emotion in my voice. I still have a long way to go, but I’m still playing the ukulele and learning the bass guitar. Roy and I are playing and singing for small groups at church and at local events. I start a music theory class next week. None of these would be happening if it weren’t for you. Thank you Janice for helping me find my voice. I will be forever grateful and will never forget you and what you’ve done for me. You opened up a whole new world to me!

Vicki Gann

Enhancing My Singing Voice

As my voice teacher Dr. Jarrett has told me, I am one of her ‘mature’ students – way over 65. I came to Dr. Jarrett because I love to sing. I told her that I wanted to preserve what I have and, hopefully, to enhance my singing voice. I have never been a professional singer, nor do I want to be. I sang in church choir from a young age and in my college chorale.

From my first lesson, I knew I had the right person to help me. Janice was not concerned with getting me to belt out a few loud notes to show results at my first lesson, but she was concerned that I treat my voice with care and gentleness, keep it relaxed and warm it up before singing.

Her corrections are always constructive, and they come from a substantial knowledge of not only the voice and singing, but of people. She listens attentively when I tell her about things I notice with my voice when I sing in my lesson and when I practice at home, and frames her responses in such a way that these things are treated as a vocal or musical problem, not a problem with me personally.

She is very good at identifying and zeroing in on a particular problem and providing the remedies to correct it. She takes things slow, dealing with one problem at a time and as it pops up, carefully coaxing my voice to do what it needs to do. As a true teacher, her knowledge and style have contributed greatly to my confidence when singing, and I feel she is providing me with the tools to manage my voice and my singing on my own.

Gay Kline