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Noteworthy Compositions Now Available for Singers
For the first time, Lyrics and Song collaborations with renowned composers, including Kenny Barron, George Cables, Michael Deak, and Eddie Russ with singer, lyricist, and vocal arranger Janice Jarrett, are available for purchase. She began writing lyrics early in her career, accumulating a rich collection of meaningful lyrics, rich in imagery. Visit the Shop to see the current ballads, bossas, jazz waltzes, swing tunes, and more. Return for new additions. Or email for more.
As a respected educator, Janice Jarrett teaches private lessons, group sessions, and workshops in voice based on relaxed or open throat singing, music theory, songwriting, and more both online and from her Tucson-based Vocal Technique Studio. As a scholar and long-time advocate for the arts, she is a sought-after speaker on music and culture. Contact her for lessons, and to book talks, JJJazz performances, workshops, and commissions for lyrics or vocal arrangements.
For over a decade, she led the five-voice vocal jazz group, Borrowed Time, in Los Angeles. Joining Sunny Wilkinson, Leila Thigpen, Rocky Davis and, Bob Joyce, Borrowed Time played with backup bands that included up-and-coming accompanists, who now are among the most respected Jazz artists. The majority of Borrowed Time's book was based on lyrics and arrangements by Dr. Jarrett, many of which are available here, or will be added soon for purchase in the Shop

Making A Difference

VTS Student Comments
I have been a student of Dr. Jarrett for four years, and I can assure you that Janice’s teaching is truly of the highest quality. Her vast experience and perceptive ability allows her to hone in on student’s vocal problems, no matter how subtle they are, and then correct them with little difficulty. Under her pedagogy I have achieved consistent vocal freedom and ease, as well as great increases in my voice’s range, resonance, warmth, and richness that I had not previously thought would be possible….”

Andrew Gleckler, BFA Musical Theatre, Elon University, N.C., class of 2017, Currently Freelance Actor, L.A.
I am very thankful I was referred to Dr. Jarrett’s studio when I was only 11. All I wanted to do was sing. Not only does she teach you the proper way to sing, she dissects songs with you to find the true meaning of the words you are singing. Six years later I am still a part of her studio and I have learned and grown so much as an artist, I know that the techniques I have learned by being one of her students are ones I will keep with me as I continue with my singing career. I am still learning new things each lesson

Christina Kroell, Musical Theatre Major
I chose Dr. Jarrett because she was a PhD and a musician, not a kid with a Mel Bay scale book. I was looking to correct a long-term pitch issue, and Janice taught me that my issue was breath control, not pitch control. We addressed that and much more! My lessons have gone so far beyond the pitch issue – performance mind-state, music theory and notation, clarity of artistic message, artist personal management, and most important – voice preservation and care. I am nearing 60 years old, and I can hear myself improving month-to-month. I have gone so far beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Matt Bruner, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

Noteworthy & New

Two important announcements: 1) Starting June 18th, 5 Summer “Sing Out” sessions will begin. Limited to 7 singers per, these hour-long group “Sings” feature select songs from the Great American Songbook and more!  Reserve now!   2) Renowned Kenny Barron has a new solo piano CD out and it has received some “can’t get better than that” reviews. Downbeat’s newsletter ran one rave review for weeks. It’s that good. Recorded in France, “The Source” is an elegant accomplishment throughout, complete with lovely liner notes and a beautiful physical CD package. Elegant is such an operative word when it comes to Kenny Barron’s illustrious career and beautiful music.

The latest additions from the Kenny Barron collaborations in the Shop are “In the Slow Lane,” “Rain” and “Marie Laveau”.  (The Lead Sheets page includes names of current and future titles to add.) Product pages have short clips, brief descriptions of styles and composers, and portions of lyrics. Return for new charts, or make it easier: sign up for “What’s New” below to join the email list for exclusive, periodic updates. Or email me.

After a much-needed computer and software upgrade, and some interruptions like most people are fielding in this day and age, I’m back to proofing new songs for the Shop. The Studio page has an overview of my work as a voice and musicianship teacher, speaker, and arts advocate. For more on my background, credentials, and as a professional musician, see JJJazz and About JJ

Later this June, I will be debuting a new talk, “How We Learn: Music as a Metaphor”. These hour-long presentations inspire me to keep up with the neuroscientists’ latest research. One recent study concluded musicians are decidedly better learners, always balancing multiple networks firing across the whole brain. The neuronal connections in music even go to places in the brain other executive activities don’t go. I am always working on translating these discoveries using my lifelong experiences in music, my “passionate pursuit.”  Another amazing finding: they can tell if someone was a musician. Not even scientists have that distinction. Study after study also reinforce music’s ability to stimulate endorphins and dopamine, and increase overall health. The “joy of singing” is not hyperbole. For topic abstracts, see Writer/Speaker.)

Visit Noteworthy for brief blog posts related to singing, music, and the arts. Drawn from research and teaching experience, topics include vocal technique, memorization, effective learning, and improving musical practice. Posts are infrequent given my schedule but hopefully rich in information. For your band, group, or organization, review the VTS list of Workshops.  Again, a new small group Spring/Summer “Sing Out” series starts June 18th.   For lessons in voice/songwriting/arranging, etc., please visit the VTS page or just email me. You can read how some former students voice their say on the References page. I hope to return to in-person performances this fall; visit the JJJazz page to book performances.

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