Music: Kenny Barron, Lyrics: Janice Jarrett

“Each day begins, we’re never sure if we will have sunshowers or the rain. Like rain to dusty drying each, the sun relieves the cold with beads of warmth.” These lyrics were first recorded by the legendary Jay Clayton with Byron Morris’s Unity. Years later, I discovered that the song traveled the world on its own when both Wendy Fopeano (Denver) and Jane Irving (Australia) contacted me about putting it on their next albums. The subtle chords and lift of the melody lend themselves to a bright bossa. Kenny Barron’s instrumental versions are well worth finding. The words emerged as a kind of tribute to the gifts of the sun. From the bridge: “We bathe in sun, the sky and I,…We bask in sun, the earth and I” and finally “We wait for light, the night and I.” (The clip is from the CD “Blue Nights & Sunshower.” The arrangement for 5 singers will be here soon as well.)

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Kenny Barron

A recent description of Kenny Barron: “One of the most articulate and polished mainstream-to-bop improvisers in the jazz of the last 40 years.” (The Guardian). For years the NYT labeled him the “pianist of choice,” certainly true for Stan Getz in their last legendary performances. Their duets are heartbreakingly lyrical and informed by the clarity found in the best of the genre. But Barron’s many sessions as leader attest to his being a prolific composer as well. Being an NEA Jazz Master, among other accolades, is a reflection of the high esteem he holds. I was drawn to his compositions decades ago while in NYC, The desire to sing his melodies, surrounded by the complex coherence of his harmonic sensibility, however challenging, was compelling. More than two dozen of our collaborative lyrics and songs will soon become available in the Shop.


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