Composers and Songs

Look for new charts to be available from the list as announced on the bottom of the Home Page. Email to be added to the notifications list. Product pages include excerpts from recorded instrumental and vocal versions, short descriptions, and bios of the composers.

Kenny Barron    Ambrosia,  Belem,  Beyond This Place, Calypso,  Clouds,  Cook’s Bay,  Cosmos,  Dawn,  Dolores St., S.F.  Enchanted Flower,  El Sueño,  Feijoada,  Firefly,  Illusion Lead (See also Illusion vc, pno), In the Slow Lane, Innocence,  Lullabye, Maria Laveau,  Morning Glory,  Mythology,  Phantoms, The ProcessionThe Question Is, Rain, Silent Rain, Song for Abdullah, Sonia Braga, Sunset,  Sunshower, Thoughts and Dreams, Um Beijo, Voyage    (Kenny Barron Arrangements) 

George Cables    Blue Nights,  I Told You So,  Love Song,  Phantom of the Islands,  Think on Me,  Voodoo Lady  (George Cables Arrangements)

Michael Deak   Blue Sky, White Sand, A Child’s Life,   Come Nightfall,  A Dream Wish,  The Greatest Gift, No More Goodbyes,  On My Own,  Remembering

Eddie Russ    All But Blind, By Night,  Changes,  Darkest Night,  Easy Going,  Feelin’ Fine,  Four for Three,  Jean,  Laid Back,  Never Could Live Without You,  Valse 24,  Zaius  (Eddie Russ Arrangements)

Steve Solomon   A Dream I’ve Had

John Heard   All Things Considered

Coming soon Lead Sheets for Collaborations with  Judd Miller

Songs by Style

Please Note: Songs in categories range in tempo and feel, sometimes spanning more than one classification.  This list is incomplete; more products/lead sheets will be added as they are proofed and ready!

Ballads  A Child’s Life,  A Dream I’ve Had,   A Dream Wish,  At the Least You Could Have Told Me, Beyond This Place,  Clouds,   Come Nightfall,   Dawn,   Friends in Love,   The Greatest Gift,  Illusion,  Jean,   No More Goodbyes,  On My Own,   Phantoms,  Rain,   Remembering,   Silent Rain,    Song for Abdullah,   Sonia Braga,  You Could Have Told Me,  Valse 24

Uptempo/Swing    CosmosThoughts and Dreams Voyage

Jazz Waltz    All But Blind,   Ambrosia,  Dolores St., S.F.,  Four for Three,   Lullabye,   Morning Glory,  The Procession,  The Question Is,

Bossa/Samba     Belem Blue Nights,    By Night (Samba),   Changes,   Blue Sky, White Sand,  Coast Highway,   Cook’s Bay,   Enchanted Flower,    Feijoada,  Firefly,  Infinidad,  Innocence,   I Told You So,  La Margaretta,   Mythology,  Overnight,  Phantoms,  Phantom of the Islands,  Sunshower

Latin   Calypso,  Dawn,  El Sueño,  Sunset,   Love Song,  Think on Me,  Voodoo Lady,   Zaius

Funk/Soul/Rock  Easy Goin,’  In the Slow Lane,  Lay Back,   Evergreen Girl,   Overnight

Other  All Things Considered (African),  Marie Laveau (Mysterious),  Silent Runner