A Dream I’ve Had


Music: Steve Solomon, Lyrics: Janice Jarrett
This is a complex song that somehow does not sound as sophisticated as it is. The long lines were among the most challenging for lyrics. One is 20 syllables long: “And if this dream I’ve had becomes too real to stay just within darkness, it will be right in front of me.” On my subsequent move to California after the art college of a Michigan “cluster” college where I was a professor closed, I stopped to spend time with relatives in Tucson on my way to California to start over. I met a group of excellent musicians, some of whom were playing with the great jazz singer, Diane Schuur, living there at the time. Through Diane, I met Steve and realized what a great musician he was. I am happy to add this song and believe it certainly deserves more recognition. Sadly, he passed away at 55 and is still mourned by a community of friends and family. I hope to add an excerpt for the song soon.

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I don’t have a picture of Steve and I only knew him a short time while I was in transit. Even so, I feel so lucky to have been able to create a collaboration with him. Here are quotes that were posted online in his announcement of passing. I don’t think the family will mind my sharing them here. The song speaks for him too in the sheer loveliness of its melody and chords. I am grateful we have it.

His funeral notice read “Devoted composer, arranger, player and teacher – a master musician – and a beautiful person.” Here are some of the posted memories: “Steve helped me with all aspects of music. He was the absolute best and will be remembered by all the musicians he came in contact with. I was blessed to have Steve as a friend and teacher.” Uncle” Dave Jeffrey.  “Besides being my best friend, Steve Solomon was my biggest musical influence. Everything I know about jazz I learned from Steve. Steve was a true musical genius. He will never be forgotten.” Rusty Terry.  “To one of the kindest, most gentle souls ever to enter my life, your inspiration went far beyond music. You made a difference in so many lives, we will miss you.” Howard Wooten.



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