On My Own


Music: Mike Deak, Lyrics: Janice Jarrett

“In between, neither here nor there, it’s as if I found a place where no one’s there. And all the things I thought were sure as air, all I believed, all I depended  on….”  There are so many ways to try and sort out with words what it is like to lose a love you counted on. Michael Deak’s thoughtful melody and harmonic beauty lay down the basis for yet another try at this touching theme of loss. The song seemed very emotional to me, and seemed to express the confusion and sadness through the chords and melody ,and how they interacted and enhanced each other.  (The instrumental piano clip by the composer begins on measure 9.)

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Mike Deak

Mike Deak

Michael Deak studied vibes with Bobby Hutcherson as a teen and played them professionally until adding the piano after the landmark “Kind of Blue” album in 1959 came out and he heard the inspirational pianist Bill Evans. By the time he won 1st place for vibes in several Lighthouse Jazz Festivals, he was already composing, and eventually won awards for both jazz and classical works. Two of his guitar works, performed by Gregg Nestor and Ray Burley, can be found on Cambria’s “Kaleidoscope” CD. While Jarrett was in California, Mike came to hear her group Borrowed Time, and their lyric and song collaborations began. Currently, there are 8 in varying styles in the Shop, but Mike continues to send new compositions to work on, so more may appear in the future.


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