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“If you’d open up and start to stop, listen to your heart, I’d not have to say ‘I Told You So.'” This popular medium Bossa can be found on recordings by the composer and others with instrumental versions. But the clip below is by legendary Jay Clayton, from her CD, “Brooklyn 2000,” with George on piano. The changes are particularly fun for improvising and the great counterpoint in the bass line reflects one of the integral features of George’s work that extends as an evocative, creative element of his imaginative and vibrant arrangements of standards. His songs often have structures like orchestral works, with changing tempos, textures, and memorable rhythmic and melodic motifs. i am so happy I’ve been able to write lyrics for his music.

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George Cables

George Cables

In an NPR CD review, Nate Chinen referred to George Cables as an “erudite and soulful pianist,” but his prowess as a composer is as valuable a contribution to jazz as his mastery of the piano. Born in NYC, and schooled at the High School of the Performing Arts and Mannes School of Music, by 20 he was playing gigs with top players and at top venues around the city. By the early 70’s he moved to the West Coast continuing to work with legendary icons, including Freddie Hubbard,  Dexter Gordon and Art Pepper. Jarrett and Cables met when he was playing with the Jazz Latin band, Baya, based in L.A. He has enthusiastic fans across the globe who hear his warmth and soulfulness in everything he does.


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