Blue Nights


Music: George Cables, Lyrics: Janice Jarrett

Hearing this lovely composition, it was easy to feel the atmosphere the music evoked. Like the evocative sound of a faraway train, or the sound of a distant trumpet soloing through the mist of a humid island night, I could imagine someone “island-lost” in a blue night. When George brought it to me for lyrics, for a Japanese release, I asked when he needed them. He said something about “weeks” ago, so I wrote them that night, thinking I needed to make a sing: “Lyrics While You Wait.”
In the darkness, only street light shines in my window through the blue colored haze. In the night blows the loneliest trumpet. Island warms wind play ‘Never this blue a night…'” Later I ended up “hearing” a 5 voice arrangement I added to the book for Borrowed Time. A vocal solo version,for this short excerpt. is included in my 2011 CD, Blue Nights and Sunshower., available in the Shop.

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George Cables

George Cables

In an NPR CD review, Nate Chinen referred to George Cables as an “erudite and soulful pianist,” but his prowess as a composer is as valuable a contribution to jazz as his mastery of the piano. Born in NYC, and schooled at the H.S. of the Performing Arts and Mannes School of Music, by 20 he was playing gigs with top players and at top venues around the city. By the early 70’s he moved to the West Coast continuing to work with legendary icons, including Dexter Gordon and Art Pepper. Jarrett and Cables met when he was playing with the Jazz Latin band, Baya, based in L.A.  He has enthusiastic fans across the globe who hear his warmth and soulfulness in everything he does.


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