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The West African polyrhythm from Agbekor, sets up a strong base for the winding melody. The sample here from some time ago is by my LA five-voice group Borrowed Time from what we called our basement tapes, read-throughs of new arrangements. Leila Thigpen’s lead voice is clear and agile. The end of verse 1 is “And all things considered, things you cannot see are hidden in the wind,” the end of verse 2 is “And all things considered, there are bonds between us. interlocking chains.” The clip here starts  on the 2nd A. The arrangement will be added to the catalog. (Sign up for notices of new works, and visit the Shop for other works available now.)

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John Heard playing upright bassI met John Heard in Los Angeles in the 80s when he played with my vocal jazz group Borrowed Time. We were lucky to have him; his list of credits include luminaries from Count Basie to Sonny Rollins to Pharaoh Sanders. The legendary Oscar Peterson often called him to accompany him, just bass and piano. I drove down the coast from LA with him for one of those concerts, happy to listen from backstage. Besides being a great and sought after bass player, John was a serious visual artist from his teens, later adding sculptures to his paintings. I was honored to write lyrics for his song. It lent itself to a great arrangement for Borrowed Time, excerpted in the clip here. He is sorely missed.


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